The ordinance that closed Lakewood Hospital is on this fall’s ballot as Issue 64. The hospital belonged to us, was our city’s largest employer, and provided lifesaving services that a standalone ER cannot. Everyone in Lakewood should be against giving away our hospital, but there are also specific reasons for voting against the ordinance on this fall’s ballot.

Important reasons to vote against Issue 64:

  • Vote against to defeat the noncompete clause that bans competing healthcare providers from the hospital property, including the property we still own right now.
  • Vote against to endorse a fair, open and competitive bidding process for city assets so that all interested hospital operators can bid, and Lakewood can get the best deal for all of us.
  • Vote against to allow new possibilities for the future of healthcare in Lakewood, including the possibility of restoring a complete hospital and emergency room.
  • Vote against to cease the release of liability written into the deal. Hospital officials should be accountable for ignoring contract requirements and endangering a public asset.

This election will be the first and only opportunity for citizens to vote directly on the future of Lakewood Hospital. We must vote against a terrible deal, now, to let the record show that Lakewood won’t settle for false promises and no-bid giveaways. Let your voice be heard and vote against Issue 64.