The deal between city officials and the Cleveland Clinic is the wrong plan for Lakewood.

  • The deal transfers millions of dollars in community assets to a private corporation, without fair compensation.
  • The deal ships jobs and economic activity to other communities which are expanding valuable services.
  • The deal also explicitly bans investment by other hospital systems on the city’s own property.
  • The deal downsizes health services in Lakewood, and by city officials’ own admission it includes no guarantee that even these reduced service lines will remain.
  • The deal explicitly permits the Cleveland Clinic to delay opening its health center until 2019.

Meanwhile, the token fee which the Clinic is supposed to pay Lakewood for all of the assets being privatized is scheduled to be paid in installments, over a decade. The Clinic could easily pay the entire sum tomorrow, calling into question why a supposedly “done deal” is postponing the only feature which doesn’t enrich the Clinic.

Why should Lakewood endorse this?

Let’s not. Vote against Issue 64 in November and reject the idea that it’s good for Lakewood, once and for all.