Lakewood is a city that cares about community. Our hospital reflected this: a community-owned institution that reliably made money but also directed that income back into doing good. Lakewood Hospital’s commitment to providing care for those who needed it, regardless of ability to pay, demonstrates our progressive values at their best.

But the deal to shut down Lakewood Hospital abandons that commitment. And in doing so, it abandons people like the thousands of senior citizens who live within a few blocks of the hospital property; families trying to make ends meet, stuck with bare-bones insurance or none at all; people who can’t simply hop in a car to get places, who in other ways enjoy access to important services and jobs thanks to our compact, walkable city. When one hospital shuts down in Lakewood and another opens far away from transit lines in Avon, good jobs and health care services are suddenly moved out of reach for people trying to support and care for themselves.

Closing Lakewood Hospital when alternatives are ready and waiting isn’t necessary, and it definitely isn’t fair to those left behind.