The publisher of the Lakewood Observer has urged a vote against Issue 64.

As a founder of Lakewood’s hometown paper and as an individual, Jim O’Bryan has been a tireless promoter of our city. As his Sept. 13 editorial begins, “Those of you who have followed the Lakewood Observer from the beginning know how rare it is that I write anything but fun pieces. Rarer still is writing about my political views…”

Nonetheless, O’Bryan has concluded that the importance of this vote to our city’s future demanded a plain, direct statement:

Observer editorial against 64

“Elected officials working in secret for over 6 years have cost us our hospital, $350 million in assets, and our largest employer,” O’Bryan writes, “But we still have time, lots of time to look at the deal, study what happened, and with time on our side, figure out what would be best for the future of our community.”

“Vote Against Issue 64.”

Pick up a copy of this week’s Observer and read the complete editorial, or view and share it online.