Protecting Lakewood’s Values:


Ads say that complete care is still here in Lakewood—but doctors and EMTs warn that in serious health emergencies, getting to a real hospital quickly is essential.

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Surrendering Lakewood Hospital means losing more than 1,000 jobs, and our largest economic engine, worth nearly $300 million per year to our economy.

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The Clinic’s deal will abandon our hospital’s commitment to care for Lakewood’s citizens no matter their ability to pay, even as the Clinic adds hospitals elsewhere.

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On November 8, Lakewood will make an important choice for our future.

City Council has voted to close Lakewood’s hospital, and transfer public hospital assets to the Cleveland Clinic. But their action is still subject to a public referendum that will be on November’s ballot as Issue 64. Lakewood citizens have the right to vote against officials’ choice, and open the door to better alternatives.

All around us there are signs of new possibilities for Lakewood. Why risk that potential by throwing away our city’s largest employer, and a great asset that other communities would love to have? The Cleveland Clinic’s downsized health center is a plan for a city in decline. We deserve a better deal! Other hospital operators have confirmed that they’re ready to invest in our future. Let’s welcome them in and reject a monopoly approach.

The vitality and renewal of Lakewood needs to stay strong, not scale back or go into reverse. Reject a plan that holds back our city, and repeal the deal in November.